Honored to have ya!

My name is Tyler Boyden. I became a father February 9, 2019 and have loved every minute so far. (Well almost every minute lol) Though I survived cancer my senior year of high school, the effects of chemotherapy have persisted causing me to be disabled. On the bright side it has given me the amazing opportunity to not only spend every day with my little man, but it also gives me time to research all about parenting! I created the DaysoftheDad brand to get information flowing to other parents through this blog and other social media platforms. This way we can all have access to the inside scoop on fun, educational and witty advice on parenting so you still have time for everything else.

Teaching about Pokemon cards

Hey everyone! 😄 It’s been a little while and I’ve been a busy bee. As you can tell from the title and photo, my Pokemon passion has reignited! Yes, I was one of those kids that played with trading cards on the bleachers at school. While getting back into the Pokemon craze I want to … Continue reading Teaching about Pokemon cards


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