Why parents shouldn’t fear their child getting on TikTok

The TikTok app is one of the hottest apps for people to upload, up to one minute, videos as well as pictures for the world to see. This app in my opinion has cleaned up quite a bit compared to when it first debuted. This is no longer an app just for the youth and has blossomed into a beautiful space to show off your art, smarts, photography, talents and well “you.” Make sure to add me if you’re on there, @DaysoftheDad 😊 I post parenting tips and other fun videos!

I’ll admit it, I was one of the people growing up that thought people using social media so much were crazy. I thought that they had no lives and that they needed to get out in the real world to make some real connections to real people. Luckily as we grow we also learn how foolish some ways we used to think really were. Parents DaysoftheDad urges you to realize the same.

I’m so overly zealous about this topic because I used to be that introvert who thought my ideas and interests would only matter to me. If you have a child that’s shy or having a hard time getting through life then this app could really help them out. Now saying that TikTok does want all their users to be age 13+ which is perfect since preteens and teenagers are the perfect people to receive this kind of help. It also provides a great opportunity for the parent(s) to get involved whether that be making videos with their child, or just making sure that their child is using social media correctly and they know how to report stuff if it’s inappropriate or hateful.

I’m proud to say that TikTok even has a “For Parents” support page that gives plenty of information to protect your child and keep everything kosher on the app. They also have plenty of other documents on there that help you with everything from Cyberbullying to explaining social media. If you need additional tips on how to catch or notice the bullying and advice on how to talk to your child about social media then visit stopbullying.gov.

Most of the time this fear of a child getting on social media, especially an app that involves video, is just due to the parent not being in complete control or insufficient information. The unknown often scares the masses but YouTube, along with many other platforms, has shown that children can be on social media without issues. So why should this be any different?

I mean “TikTok for Good” should be a shining example of why we need this app. The #EduTok movement was all about challenging people to make more educational and motivational content with 8.8 million videos made! The #ForClimate movement provided much needed awareness for climate change to the current generations with 273 thousand videos made. Heck, #BetterMeBetterInternet “is an annual international initiative that promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones by children and young people across the world” with 1.6 million videos created. I provide these three not just to show you how much good they are doing for our youth but also to give parents a good place to start.

TikTok has built this platform to allow people to control who sees their content. With ways to make the account private so that no one sees your child’s videos except their followers it’s the perfect way to connect with family members or friends across the country. They give you all the information the help and provide you with a piece of mind as you can control these accounts quite a bit.

Parents this app is amazing to learn, discover new thing as well as bring out the creativity in you and I think that more parents should get involved. This is a great chance to be a good role model for your child to follow. We’re put here to guide them not to stop them guys!

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