Teaching about Pokemon cards

Rainbow Rare Buzzwole GX Pokemon card

Hey everyone! 😄 It’s been a little while and I’ve been a busy bee.

As you can tell from the title and photo, my Pokemon passion has reignited! Yes, I was one of those kids that played with trading cards on the bleachers at school. While getting back into the Pokemon craze I want to help others along the way. 🤗

What Pokemon cards are rare? How can anyone can tell the rarity of a card? How much are my old cards worth? What are GX, VMAX or secret rare cards?

These are just some of the questions that I’ll be answering across my social media and especially on my TikTok page (@tylerboyden) as well as on YouTube. Click here to visit my channel!

Here’s a video from TikTok to help with Pokemon card value:


Just because a card is old doesn’t mean that it’s valuable. You need to have it in near mint condition plus it needs to be a card that is in demand such as Charizard. I’m constantly doing research for people in the hobby and can’t wait to write more for you! With Darkness Ablaze as the new set coming in August there will be plenty to talk about since it has a new Charizard card.

If you have any questions check out my social media pages and please don’t be scared to ask me directly. If I don’t know then I can find out. 😉

4 thoughts on “Teaching about Pokemon cards

  1. I remember when my girls were into those, including adding up all the hit points on all their cards. It was great for math skills. They also pulled out a measuring tape to see how long each one was IRL. Parenting win! 🙂

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