Google Trends shows 2019 as the year for babies!

DaysoftheDad is excited to say that last year “babies” had their own category on Google Trends due to the amount of searches performed! For those of you that don’t know about Google Trends as of yet please let me explain what it has to offer just in case it’s something you might enjoy like me.

Google Trends shows the rising/top search topics/queries that are being ran through I know as a blogger this has helped me a ton when I need to find great keywords to use, or if I just need something popular to write about I can see what’s currently trending.

For instance, from just two minutes of research on the term “Baby Yoda”, I wrote “Why Mando adopting “Baby Yoda” on “The Mandalorian” is an amazing example of fatherhood” and I now know all of this for that term in the year of 2019: (Your welcome online marketers πŸ˜‰)

  • The term spiked up from when The Mandalorian first came out until after the week of December 1-7
  • Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Washington and Rhode Island were the 5 top states to search Baby Yoda in some way (with a three way tie for third!)
  • Top related topics: “Yoda” and “Infant”
  • Rising related topics: “Mandalorian” and “Stuffed Toy”
  • Top related queries: “Yoda Meme” and “Baby Yoda Meme”
  • Rising related queries: “Baby Yoda Mandalorian” and “Mandalorian”

I mean if you’re online trying to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then Google Trends needs to be in your arsenal. When searching for your own term/topic this amazing service provides you with interest by region and Google is even kind enough to show that data over time! They even have these wonderfully useful filters for country, period, category and Google Property. 🀯 Like I said before you get to see the daily trends, but the more magical part I think is how they show you what’s trending in real time with a line graph for the past 24 hours. 😊

One weird thing is that Google Trends only goes back to 2006 and the website is missing the data for 2010. Which is kinda sad because that’s the year I graduated from high school so I’ll never know what trended that year. 😭 I did love what I saw for 2006 though and thought I would share how simple the searches were back then!

Now that you know how it works! Here’s the list of the top babies of 2019 πŸ‘Ά

I really hope this helps more people use Google Trends and that it put some insight to what’s being searched now compared to 2006. Also make sure to subscribe below so that you can stay up to date with everything DaysoftheDad. I wish you all a blissful yet exciting day! πŸ’–

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6 thoughts on “Google Trends shows 2019 as the year for babies!

    1. Yeah it’s really easy to use and I love it for the data it provides πŸ™Œ makes it easier to come up with valuable keywords or topics to write about πŸ’ͺ thank you for continuing to support DaysoftheDad btw πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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