Fatherhood can be frustrating. We don’t always have the time to look up the information on parenting and it can sometimes make us feel unable to provide the best of ourselves to our children. After a hard day of work just about any parent would rather spend time with their child than read about the psychology of children. 😊

My name is Tyler Boyden. I became a father February 9, 2019 and have loved every minute so far. (Well almost every minute lol) Though I survived cancer my senior year of high school, the effects of chemotherapy have persisted causing me to be disabled. On the bright side it has given me the amazing opportunity to not only spend every day with my little man, but it also gives me time to research all about parenting! I created the DaysoftheDad brand to get information flowing to other parents through this blog and other social media platforms. This way we can all get the inside scoop on fun, educational and witty advice for our kids so you still have time for everything else.

We’re in this together guys let’s help each other out! 👊 #DaysoftheDad #dadlife #fatherhood #helpwithparenting #howtoparent

Disclaimer: I do want to explain that I make money through this blog and affiliate marketing (such as being an Amazon Associate). Know that any links you click on while on my website could be an affiliate link. Thank you for your time and your support!

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