An Awesome Development in Food Allergy Research for Children: AllerGenis 2020

Since writing the DaysoftheDad article “How to deal with allergies as a father: Everything from food allergies to EpiPen use” I’ve been watching articles about food allergies. I know that there a lot of children out there with food allergies and want to make sure their parents are equipped with information to live life to the fullest still.

I was really excited to hear about this new development in the field of food allergies and felt it had to be shared with anyone and everyone! AllerGenis is aiming to change the way food allergies are diagnosed.

While most children outgrown milk, egg, wheat or soy allergies by five, a lot of kids with peanut allergies grow into adults without losing that food allergy so it’s more serious for them. Doctors don’t yet have a way to tell if a child is allergic to certain foods either. The parents today just have to wait and see what happens after exposure, which is a pretty scary thought if you ask me. 😬 I mean not knowing if the peanut butter I want him to try will just make him puff up or put him into anaphylactic shock almost gave me a heart attack since I knew the risk.

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People don’t think about the psychological troubles that come with food allergies either unless they know someone personally dealing with the situation. With the type of research being done by AllerGenis families can not only know what their child is allergic to with it being highly accurate, but they can also get prepared for the food allergy earlier. This means that the family will have the time to really learn about the food allergy, what to do to avoid it and how to deal with the situation if something does happen. They’ll be able to seek out the help they need long before the child can get around on their own.

Think about how stressful it would have to be for a parent who has a now 3 year old that’s tried Nutella for the first time, only to find out the child has a hazelnut allergy, leading to a trip to the emergency room. Not only would that traumatize the parent but the child even more so. The child who has been able to eat anything they want now has a heavy restriction, because hazelnut is in quite a bit of stuff. Plus I’ve recently learned that kids in schools have been known to pick on others with food allergies sadly. These children have to go through quite a bit dealing with their situation so any breakthrough that will help them prepare better for life is a blessing.

The company is developing diagnostic tests they plan to run in 2020 for peanut allergies and has more plans in the future for egg and milk allergies. The CEO Jim Garner says the results are showing to be 91% accurate so the hope is high it will lead to more!

You can watch the video from YouTube where AllerGenis CEO Jim Garner is interviewed here – AllerGenis aiming to change the way food allergies are diagnosed

I can’t wait to see what happens in the future with this company and hope you guys will help me in supporting them. Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 😊

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5 thoughts on “An Awesome Development in Food Allergy Research for Children: AllerGenis 2020

  1. Trying again here because this wouldn’t post on the newer blog post.
    This is such a fun exciting time! I wish I had known about the not lifting by the arms thing sooner. I didn’t do it, but let’s just say this guy I know used to. It always made me cringe because I was sure it probably wasn’t a good idea, but I didn’t have the medical backing to explain why. Fortunately, it never became an issue, but I’ll hang on to this knowledge for future reference just in case. πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s fine 😊 thank you for the support though πŸ™ yeah it was crazy to find out about Handmaid’s Elbow. My mother told me that my sister got it from being swung around by the arms when she was a kid. Hope your weekend has been blissful πŸ™Œ I’ll have to see what’s up with the new post πŸ’ͺ

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