Secrets on why I chose Amazon Baby Registry

Amazingly easy swaddle blanket!

Parenting can be one of the hardest things in the world. Especially for the dads out there like me.

I still remember the day that the love of my life told me that she was prego (pregnant). I was just about to go into my college math class to take a test when I received the call.

I was so excited to hear the news I almost forgot I needed to go to class. I was gonna be a dad! I would join the ranks of many who have battled through the trenches raising their children. I would be able to teach him all I know and raise him the way I believe is the right way.

I only found one BIG issue with my thought process…

I’ve always thought of how to raise my child, but I’ve never thought of what I’ll need for him when he gets here!

I spent the next months researching all the things I’ll need like a crib, diapers, baby bath, burp rags, wipes, bumper pads, baby monitor and the list just kept growing and growing like the blob in that old horror movie.

I found that baby stuff is not only outrageously expensive but it’s also really hard to find all you need in one place. I’m sure many of my fellow first time fathers are finding this out.

I was needing a baby registry that was easy to use, everyone would be willing to buy through it (I’m sure we all have that family member worried to use cards online lol), had plenty of stuff to choose from (at reasonable prices!) and had something special with sign-up.

This is what lead me to the wonderful world of Amazon. I found out that they had a baby registry so I went down the checklist to make sure it was a good fit plus found some SECRET bonuses they have to offer with it like:

-You’ll get a FREE welcome box of baby stuff from Amazon just for using them as a baby registry.

-Anything left on the registry after the specified date you enter will get 10% off, or 15% off if you have a Amazon Prime account. (That’ll save on some cool toys you wanna get!)

-Plus there is an AMAZING feature on there that will allow for a group of people to pay for one thing, such as that expensive crib, so that it’s easy for everyone to invest in the new baby.

The Amazon baby registry made it super easy to get everything I needed for the arrival of my precious gift and I hope it will help anyone reading this that needs to set one up!

Here’s the link if you need it and CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING A PARENT!

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